2023 Important Information

Evening Entertainment

Evening entertainment is included with camping. Otherwise, Saturday entertainment is $18.95. You can buy your evening entertainment tickets online! We’ll give you your evening entertainment bracelet at the time of entry to the Faire.

Saturday entertainment at the Red Dragon Inn and the Arena is open for all ages. Only guests 21+ are allowed inside the Ale House. Families and those under 21+ please use the bleacher seating around the arena but outside of the Ale House.

Re-entry to the Faire

You may leave and re-enter the Faire on the same day as the purchased ticket. Please be sure to get a hand stamp before leaving the main Faire area and going to the parking lot.

Pet Policy

Service animals only are allowed at the Faire. Please do not leave your pets unattended in your campsite or in your car.


Please – LOCK your vehicle and do not leave valuables in vehicle. Park at your own risk. The Faire is not responsible for loss, theft or damage to parked vehicles. We provide FREE PARKING.

People with Disabilities

We have plenty of parking for our guests with disabilities. Our site has open fields with small hills and pathways. Those in three-wheel chairs may find it a little tricky in places but any four-wheel chair or standard chair should have no difficulty. A standard wheelchair would also be fine as long as you have someone with you to push it.


Period weapons as part of your costume are allowed. Please keep swords and other weapons sheathed or “put away” and do not draw while inside the Faire. Modern weapons of any kind are not allowed at the Faire.

Costuming for Guests

We encourage all of our guests to wear costuming to join in the fun and revelry of the Renaissance Faire. Please remember that we are a family-friendly event and nudity or partial nudity is not allowed.

Weather - Rain or Shine

The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire is an outdoor event. We will open rain or shine and all attractions/entertainment/vendors will be open. Please note that some performances may be postponed or cancelled due to weather for the safety of our guests, performers and/or performing animals.


Camping check in is from 12noon – 12midnight on the Friday before each weekend. Please follow the signs to the “Camping Gate” for check in. On Saturday – please go to the Towne Gate (ticket booth) to check in for Camping. Please find more info here: https://washingtonfaire.com/camping/.  For more questions, email Camping@WashingtonFaire.com.


Only alcohol purchased at the Ale Houses may be consumed during Faire hours and inside the Faire. Please do not bring your own adult/alcoholic beverages inside the event.

Smoking Policy

Per the Pierce County Fire Marshall, smoking is prohibited at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire.

I still have another question, how can I get in touch?

Please go to our Contact Us page and send us an email. We’ll get back to you ASAP.