Weekend 1: A Magical Midsummer Celebration

Welcome to ‘A Magical Midsummer Celebration,’ the captivating opening of our 14th season at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire, held annually in the enchanting Village of Merriwick. This year, we’re not only embracing the splendor of the Elizabethan era but also celebrating our profound love for the rich tapestry of Renaissance Faire culture.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I, will grace our festivities with her royal presence, lending an air of majesty to a weekend brimming with the essence of the Renaissance. Witness the grandeur of jousting knights, the whimsy of jesters, and the melody of minstrels as they fill the air with joy and excitement.

Our Faire is a heartfelt tribute to the enduring traditions and vibrant spirit of Renaissance Faires. Engage with skilled artisans, partake in historical games, and savor the authentic flavors that transport you back in time. It’s a place to don your most splendid attire and join a community that celebrates the magic, creativity, and camaraderie of the Renaissance.

Join us in Merriwick for ‘A Magical Midsummer Celebration,’ where each moment is not just a celebration of our 14th season, but also a testament to our shared passion for the wonders and delights of the Renaissance era. Together, let’s embark on a journey through time, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Weekend 2: Pirates’ Plunder: A High Seas Adventure

Arrrrr! Welcome to our 2nd weekend: “Pirates’ Plunder: A High Seas Adventure“, a grand celebration for both the sea-hardened and the shore-bound at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire in the bustling village of Merriwick. This weekend, we hoist the colors of merriment and mayhem, beckoning all to partake in a buccaneer’s jubilee.

Step into Merriwick and find yerself amidst the golden age of piracy. The air be thick with the sounds of rollicking sea shanties, boisterous laughter, and grand tales of daring exploits upon the vast, unforgiving seas. Roam through our market, where traders and craftsmen offer spoils that seem plucked straight from Neptune’s grasp. Feast upon the hearty sustenance of the high seas, and wet yer whistle with grog, ale, and the finest rum, served up in the jauntiest of taverns.

Deck yerself in yer finest pirate regalia, whether ye be a fearsome captain or a roguish scallywag, and dive headfirst into the frolic and fray. Bear witness to the audacity of buccaneers as they compete for the title of the most formidable pirate to ever sail the seven seas. Marvel at their daring deeds, chortle at the antics of our jesting entertainers, and perchance, take a turn in a jolly jig or two.

Pirates’ Plunder: A High Seas Adventure” promises not just a moments, but a treasure trove of adventure and jollity. Whether ye be in search of glittering treasure, thrilling tales, or merely a sip of the pirate’s life, Merriwick beckons. Set yer course for a weekend filled to the brim with swashbuckling fun that’ll be remembered long after the tides have turned

Weekend 3: Choose Your Alliance: Villain or Hero?

Prepare to embark on an epic journey as we present “Choose Your Alliance: Villain or Hero?” the spectacular third weekend at WMRF. This year, we’re weaving a tapestry of fantastical might and mischief, bringing together the bravest heroes and heroines alongside the most nefarious villains and vixens for a celebration of legendary proportions.

By royal decree, the Queen herself has summoned figures of valor and infamy from across the realm and beyond. Embrace the spirit of your favorite characters from comics, anime, sci-fi, fantasy, and the silver screen, all with a whimsical Renaissance twist. Transform into the mightiest of champions or the most cunning of scoundrels, and join us in the grandest costume extravaganza the Pacific Northwest has ever seen.

The streets of Merriwick will be alive with adventure at every turn. Participate in thrilling quests, witness heroic feats, and perhaps engage in a playful duel of wits with a dashing rogue or a devious villain. Mingle with other illustrious cosplayers, share in tales of valor, and bask in the glory of the realm’s greatest gathering of fantastical beings.

Do you possess the courage to stand among our revered heroes, or will you revel in the allure of villainy? “Choose Your Alliance: Villain or Hero?” is not just an event; it’s a celebration of the heroic and the villainous, where every costume tells a story and every individual can live out their fantasy.

Bust out your capes, sharpen your swords, adjust your crowns, and prepare for a weekend of unparalleled excitement and imagination. The Village of Merriwick awaits your arrival for a rendezvous with destiny, where heroes rise, villains scheme, and legends are born.

Weekend 4: Warriors of the Wild: Swords & Shields

Hark! Venture forth to “Warriors of the Wild: Swords & Shields“, the 4th weekend’s grand revel in the hearty Village of Merriwick. Here we pay homage to the valorous Vikings and the bold Barbarians, the storied warriors of yore. 

Step ye into the realm of Merriwick, and be instantly transported to the days of yesteryear, where the clash of steel and the roar of the brave fill the air. Behold the sea-faring Vikings, masters of the waves, and the untamed Barbarians, fierce in their freedom, each with sagas of valor and conquest.

Peruse our market, where skilled artisans offer wares akin to the noble crafts of these rugged folk. Adorn thyself in the garb of these mighty warriors – furs for the chill of the North; leathers for the heat of battle. Embellish thy look with warrior braids, intricate face paint that tells a tale of your tribe or lineage, and adornments that speak of your prowess and victories.

Feast as a true warrior would, on hearty fare fit to fuel a day’s conquest. Join in the merriment with a horn of ale or mead, toasting to the legends that have spanned the ages. Let the rhythmic beat of drums and the strains of ancient melodies carry thee through the night under starlit skies.

Warriors of the Wild: Swords & Shields” is more than a weekend – it’s a foray into the very essence of history’s most intriguing warriors. Come to Merriwick, where the annals of the past come to vibrant life, celebrating the spirit of Viking and Barbarian warriors in a spectacle of unmatched fervor.

Weekend 5: Mystical Realms: A Fantastical Finale

As the final weekend of the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire unfolds, the Village of Merriwick transforms into the “Mystical Realms: A Fantastical Finale“. This weekend, the veil between worlds grows thin, inviting magical beings of every ilk to partake in a celebration of mythical proportions.

The air in Merriwick brims with ancient magic and mystical arts as we dedicate this weekend to the fantastical. Faeries fluttering about, mighty dragons soaring through the skies, wise wizards wielding arcane secrets, and a host of other wonderous creatures fill the lanes with an otherworldly glow.

Adorn thyself in the most whimsical of attires – sprout faerie or dragon wings, don a unicorn’s horn, or take inspiration from beloved fantasy tales, games, or the depths of your own vivid imagination. Whether you choose to embody a sprite, an elf, or a creature of your own creation, this is a weekend where imagination reigns supreme.

Join us in a world where the boundaries of reality blur, and the fantastical comes to life. “Mystical Realms: A Fantastical Finale” is a journey into the heart of fantasy, a place where tales of old are relived and new stories are born. As we close our 14th Season, let us come together in Merriwick to celebrate the magic and wonder that fills the air, in a finale that promises to be as unforgettable as it is magical.