Join Us For 3 Weekends of Merriment & Revelry!

August 5-6, 12-13, & 19-20, 2023

10:00am – 7:00pm

***NOTICE*** Tickets are now DATE SPECIFIC!


Towne of Merriwick

19401 Sumner-Buckley Highway
Bonney Lake, WA 98391

Directions to the Faire Site in Bonney Lake, WA:

From I-5, take state highway SR167 north towards Puyallup, turn onto state highway SR410 towards Sumner/Yakima/Enumclaw/Buckley/Bonney Lake. As you come up the hill to enter Bonney Lake, stay to your right. Go 1.5 miles and turn left onto 192nd ST (at the Target). Go to the next traffic light and turn right on to Veteran’s Memorial Highway. Entrance to the Faire is 200 yards up on the Left. To help with the traffic backups, please avoid turning onto Veteran’s Memorial Highway from SR410 as you enter Bonney Lake.

*Please do NOT go to the Main Kelley Farm entrance*

Themed Weekends for 2023

Cogs & Corsets on the High Seas

Join the Village of Merriwick as we kick off our 13th Season with a celebration for the ages! Cogs, nuts, bolts — and corsets? And where? On the High Seas? YES PLEASE! We’re mashing up 2 fan faves that go together like PB&J for this incredible Opening Weekend: Steampunk & Pirates! All things are possible on this weekend of wonder, invention & adventure! The lines between fiction & science begin to blur as visitors showcase their inventive, creative gadgets, outfits, props, & more! But don’t forget the Pirates! Wealth, fame, power – and the chance to attain it has every pirate, swashbuckler, & scallywag converging in Merriwick! What will happen when these 2 worlds collide? The possibilities are endless in this magnificent world of imagination and innovation. It’s a time-travelling adventure sure to delight all – young & old!

Friday Night party theme: Brass Screws & Pirate Crews 6pm – 12pm
Costume Contest: Costumes MUST follow the theme of Steampunk/Pirate
Saturday Night: Abney Park & IGNITION 7pm – 12pm

An Enchanted World of Mythical Beasts & Beings

The magical inhabitants of the realm have come out to play on this 2nd weekend of mirth & merriment! The tales of old magic & the mystical arts thrive in this weekend dedicated to fantasy creatures & beings of all ages & varieties! Dress to impress for this Fantasy-themed weekend, where the only limit is your imagination! Faeries, elves, sprites, dragons, trolls, wizards, and every kind of fanciful creatures will bring enchantment to the lanes of Merriwick. Dress up in your favorite whimsical attire – from faerie (or dragon) wings, to unicorn horns, and feel free to take inspiration from your favorite fantasy game, story, movie, or use your own imagination! Join us as the veil thins between our world & the supernatural – Mythical Beasts & Beings Abound!

Friday Night party theme: The Leaky Cauldron Party (Harry Potter themed)
6pm – 12pm
Costume Contest: Costumes MUST follow the theme of the Hogwarts world
Saturday Night: Night Joust (80’s themed) & IGNITION 7pm – 12pm

Invaders From the North: Vikings & Valkyries

On our closing weekend, Merriwick is being invaded by the Great Horde! Vikings and all other manner of Barbarians will be seen throughout the towne! You’ll feast on a giant turkey leg, drink mead from your favorite mug or horn, and pillage (albeit gently) through our magnificent Marketplace full of artisans from every corner of the realm & beyond. Wear your best leathers & furs, break out the face paint, and don those epic braids as you unleash your inner Viking or Valkyrie! The wild abandon of the invaders is infectious, and all will feel its pull. Join us as we close out our 13th Season – only the strongest will survive the iron will of the Vikings!

Friday Night party theme: Ragnarok & Roll!
6pm – 12pm
Costume Contest: Costumes MUST follow the theme of Viking
Saturday Night: The Whiskeydicks & IGNITION 7pm – 12pm