2023 Pub Crawl

The Merriwick Pub Crawl is a one-of-a-kind experience for ale & mead lovers alike!

Skip the long pub lines and join our riotous, imbibing companions with toasts, songs, and entertainment as you explore the Village of Merriwick! Starting in the Hammered Troll Pub, we’ll make stops at our pubs to sample some of our tasty Mead and our finest beers & ciders! Drinks fit for royalty – and those who are not! An hour-and-a-half-long tour of Merriwick in the company of some of our village’s most colorful characters will get you limited availability reserved seating immediately following the crawl at the JOUST!!

PLUS, each pub crawl participant will receive a commemorative 2023 glass as a unique favor to take home. Join us, and let our loud and lusty wenches make this a grand adventure!

Starting Point: The Hammered Troll Inn – Meet your host/hostess 15-30 minutes prior to the start of the crawl to check in and get your Official WMRF Pub Crawl glass.

Ending Point: The Red Dragon Inn and the Joust – Have a seat in the pub and watch the Joust in reserved seating.

Times: 11am – Hosted by Sir Edward Bludgeonton, Second Deputy Buttler to Her Majesty the Queen, requires your help in sampling the wares of the local alehouses to assess their suitability for the royal palate.
3pm – Hosted by Manis O’Tool and his Imperial Tibetan yak, Clark! Please note that on the very rare occasion that his incredibly trained yak, Clark, goes missing right before the big show, Manis will be forced to improvise –fortunately, he’s got hilarious stories, jokes, some audience participation, and maybe even a dangerous stunt or two that he can pull out of his sleeve in a pinch… Enjoy the show, and if needed, please keep an eye out for Clark.

Limited spots are available for the pub crawl and we do expect them to SELL OUT!