***A Whole Weekend of Fun for the Whole Family!***

WMRF offers a unique experience not found at many festivals – the opportunity to camp with us! Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, I invites you to stay in the Merriwick Meadows and spend the entire weekend galivanting through Faire, meeting new friends, and making unforgettable memories! We have evening entertainment on both Friday & Saturday nights so you can fully enjoy the festivities without worrying about getting home or drinking & driving.

A few important things to remember:

1. Camping tickets are all-inclusive (minus the pub crawl). What does this mean? It means you get entrance to the Faire Saturday & Sunday, entrance to both the Friday night & Saturday night events, and camping space (Friday – Sunday). **Add-on camping tickets do not get an extra space.

2. Camping tickets are *date specific* and *capped* at a certain number. 

3. Friday evening entertainment is for 21+ only. Saturday entertainment is available for all ages.

4. If you are camping with a group, let the Camping Staff know when you check-in, and they will do their best to accommodate your larger group to camp all together.

Camping FAQ’s

Our Camping Packages are all-inclusive for a weekend of fun and excitement at the Faire. Camping Packages MUST be bought in advance. There will be NO camping passes sold at the door. Camping packages are date-specific so choose your weekend!


You may park your vehicle in your camping area as long as it is not in the ‘fire lane’ and it fits in your allotted space. You may drive to the main site and park closer if desired.

Quiet Hours

 Quiet hours start at 12:00am so we ask that you speak in whispers and silence all things that make noise.

This includes generators, drumming, loud music, and loud parties.

After-Hours Fun

The Red Dragon Inn is open from 6pm – 12midnight on Friday nights for adults 21+. Join us for a song, a drink, lot of laughs, a costume contest, and fun at our weekend-themed parties. If you are camping with us and are 21+, your pass will give you access to our after-hours entertainment.

Saturday Night After-hours entertainment at the Red Dragon Inn and Arena is open to all ages and children MUST be accompanied by an adult! See you there!



Facilities Available

Our camping area is a large field and very primitive. There are no plug-ins but it’s ok to use a generator during the daylight hours (6am – 12am). We have porta-potties and a dumpster for your use. Please remember to pack out your supplies/equipment and garbage.


Check-in for camping is on Friday from 11am until 11pm each Friday before the Faire weekends. Check-out is after the Faire on Sunday evening by 8pm. Once you check in on Friday, each family member will receive a bracelet which allows entry into the camping area and into the Faire site during the weekend and after hours. Please ask your family to wear them all weekend. They are waterproof so it’s okay to shower/bathe in them. If you would like to check-in for camping on Saturday, please go to the Towne Gate (on the Main Faire site) and the Towne Gate staff will contact camping staff for help finding your camping space.

***NOTE*** If you have a bracelet, go right to the town gate for entrance on Saturday or Sunday. You don’t need to wait in the lines.

Fires and Cooking

Open fires are not allowed on our site, per the Snohomish County Fire Marshal. This includes but is not limited to, wood & charcoal braziers, fire pits, tiki torches, open candles or any other source of open flame.We do allow propane stoves and propane BBQs for cooking, propane firepits and the item must have a shut-off valve. Candles are allowed only in enclosed lanterns. Please make sure if you choose to use one of the above approved methods, that you also have a fire extinguisher at your camp.




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