To the Midsummers faire in Merriwick

Good Queen Mary traveled

And those who wished to see the Queen

Upon the road soon followed

But the Merriwick faire is a wonderous faire

With many a bold sight to see.

And five gentle gnomes who started together

Are now lost, oh where can they be?

By nature, each has been drawn

to a different form of attraction

and to help them find their way to the Queen

we need from you some action.

Good Queen Mary has offered an award

For the gnomes to her life brought flavor.

So, when in your Quest you discover each gnome

Ask the merchant for the Queen’s favor.

Heinrich Chocolgirth the gnome, is known for his love of sweets

So little surprise to those at the fair to this location a path he did beat.

When Grif Bladesong heard of a song of steel sung by a merchant with a fair maiden’s name.

It first caught his ear then his eye and then set his feet a-stray.

Trumble Trailrider’s feet did not stop til he found himself in a shop where an X marks the spot.

With a name like Dimble Dargoon it is no surprise to any he is fascinated by Dragons

When he heard there was one at the fair to this spot he ran his tiny feet and they were not lagging.

Garth MitthleBeast  is a lover of creatures, all know that is his thing

What more logical place for him to be found than where he can adopt a Dustling. 

The Gnome Adventure! is an interactive adventure that teaches children critical thinking skills, observation, as well as sharing, teamwork, and kindness while having fun and adventure.


  1. Follow the clues to find each of the Gnomes. Have Mom or Dad snap a portrait of you and the found Gnome with their phone. (Hint for Adult – they are all in plain sight and not on any stages/sets. Each Gnome is approximately 12” tall)
  2. Post and share to the Book of Faces (or other Social Media sites) and tag them with #WMRF2021
  3. As you find the Gnomes make sure to stop in at the Merchant and ask if they have the Queen’s Special reward for Gnome Adventure! (Only one of them has the Queen’s Favor)
  4. Parents are REQUIRED to follow along and monitor their child. Any child found alone will be sold to the Trolls! 

5. Be prepared to have the MOST FUN EVER as you go on The Gnome Adventure!