2024 Cast & Guilds TBD

The Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire has some of the most dedicated and talented cast & guild members. They are dedicated to their roles and to breathing life and color into our quaint little English towne. If you are interested in joining in on the fun and becoming a part of the Festival, why not transform yourself into a Renaissance character in one of our Guilds?  You can contact them directly (contact info listed below with Guilds) with any questions or for more info!

Queen Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I, is on progress this summer through the quaint village of Merriwick to enjoy their Midsummer Faire. Playing the role of Queen Elizabeth is the lovely Patricia McElroy from Aubrun, Washington.

The English Court

Bringing to life the Golden Age of the English Renaissance! Queen Elizabeth I is on progress this summer through the quaint village of Merriwick to enjoy their Midsummer Faire. Join the Queen and Her Court as they take in the sights and sounds of performers, revel in the excitement and pageantry of the Joust and experience the romance, chivalry and intrigue of the Elizabethan Court.

Lord Mayor of Merriwick

The Mayor of Merriwick is a little unusual, as René Beaumont is a Frenchman and not English. Hailing from the Bordeaux area of France, René fled religious persecution and traveled Europe a bit before ending up in northern England where he found a place to settle down. Performing odd jobs, René filled in many roles around Merriwick where he built a strong relationship with the townsfolk, despite being an outsider. But it was his sudden and surprising appointment to the office of Mayor by the local Lord that really stands out, causing the local rumor mill to operate overtime with stories and hushed whispers about how he acquired such an appointment. Friendly, yet secretive, René has not yet revealed the nature of his appointment.

Wotan the Fairy Smasher

Wotan the Fairy Smasher is a friendly giant from the Emerald City who performs on both coasts of United States, for the last 10 years at Midsummer Renaissance Faire -the silly barbarian loses every fight to children and faeries of all ages. As an antagonist it is his goal to let the children be the heroes of their own fairytale story and go home bragging they defeated the giant. Wotan hates all things beautiful and magical, he is allergic to fairy dust and blown kisses send him running away!

Empire of Medieval Pursuits

The Empire of Medieval Pursuits is an organization dedicated to the re-creation and enjoyment of the realities, myths, and legends of the Ancient to Medieval world.

The Landsknecht

There’s a new group of mercenaries in town, eager to entertain guests and take on odd jobs – as long as the price is right! This is the Landsknechts’ first year in Merriwick, so come by the encampment to see some daring sword fights, hear tales of adventure from faraway lands, and be sent on an adventure of your own!


Plundering will be Had! Cutlasses will Clash! Jigs will be Danced and Shanties will be Sung! This fun-loving band of scallywags from the Emerald Rose will raise your spirits in song and thrill your senses with suspense and intrigue; charmin’ their way into your good graces all the while. “So batten down yer hatches, stow yer wenches and …Prepare to be Boarded!!!”

Troupe Seven Stars

Troubadours, actors, poets, and bards. Troupe Seven Stars are creators, virtuosos and vagabonds; making their way across the lands to spread their passion for their craft during an era when the ideals of learning, art, and beauty have become paramount once more. With no food left to fill their bellies or supplies to keep the carts on the move, this raggle-taggle band of folk artists and street performers has set up camp in town until their welcome has been worn out or they have scrounged up the means to move along. Catch them performing music, dancing, Commedia dell’Arte, and more in the streets!

The Swedish Court

The lovely Princess Cecelia and her court have travelled from afar to visit Merriwick, bringing her most favored pets for your enjoyment. Come and meet her unicorns, rabbits and goats, and have your Flemish painting done and feed the animals treats. Enjoy your own treat by joining the Princess at 1pm (both Saturdays & Sundays) to attend her tea party and decorate your own crown. Only 12 guests per day, so be sure to RSVP at the Swedish Court to save your seat!

Goode's Company of Foote

From the shadowy, sodden recesses of Northumbria march a hale and hearty band of heroes. Goode’s Company of Foote is a living history group dedicated to reenacting the life and times of a 16th century English trained band. We gather to embrace the camaraderie, discipline and chaos of a company of pike and musket as they variously served the will of their prince and purses during the reign of Queen Elizabeth.

Wyldewood Fae

From the magical realms of the Wyldewood, the Faerie Queen Tanaquil Glorianna has heard that Queen Elizabeth I is to be honored with a summer faire in the town of Merriwick. Intrigued to see a mortal queen, she has gathered her court of Fae to come and partake of the festivities. Come meet the Faerie Queen, Princess Aurelia, their faeries, elves, goblins, satyrs, pixies, brownies and more! The Queen likes her entertainment, and so there will be songs, dancing, and crafting, all aimed at enchanting your wee ones!

The Artisan's Hall

The Artisan’s Hall breathes life into the past by exploring the foodways and crafts of the 16th century. Because the renaissance wasn’t only a time of artists and playwrights, soldiers, queens, and popes, it was a groundswell of normal, ordinary people advancing their lot generation by generation through the sweat of their own brows and the callouses of their own hands.

Fiber Arts of Merriwick

Fiber Arts of Merriwick portray members of the working class and teach and demonstrates to the public about working wool, embroidery, spinning, lucets, and clothing construction for the time period of 1570 – and anything to do with fiber arts and period clothing.

Hawkwood’s Troope

In Renaissance Europe there’s always a war going on somewhere. Hawkwood’s Troope makes that war their business. Demonstrating advanced historical fighting techniques in several styles and offering the chance to learn how to swing your sword like a mercenary! An ongoing project combining resources from several Oregon and Washington schools of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) to educate the public about the realities of warfare in the middle ages and renaissance and how much fun historical martial arts can be! But watch out, you may just be recruited into the Troope!

Cat v. Canary

Come join these world travelers for the daily Tavern Trivia! Or borrow from a large lending library of single and multi-player historical games and puzzles to enjoy with your pint! (21+only)