Friday Night Costume Contests are BACK & BETTER this Season!

Join us each Friday night as we dive headfirst into three different thematic realms, from the clockwork-infused and sea-fairing world of Steampunk/Pirates to the magical merriment of a Midsummer’s Fantasy, and finally, to the battle-hardened lands of the Vikings. The party kicks off at 7 pm and rocks on until midnight, with our eagerly anticipated costume contest starting at 9 pm.

Themed Fridays

  • First Friday: Brass Screws & Pirate Crews Dust off your goggles and tighten your corsets, it’s time to mesh the steam-powered Victorian era with swashbuckling pirate lore. All costumes must adhere to the Steampunk/Pirate theme.

  • Second Friday: A Magical Midsummer’s Fantasy Unleash your inner enchantress, fae, wizard, mage, or mythical beast, and lose yourself in a midsummer’s night of magical and mythical mischief. Costumes must be fantasy-themed, invoking the magic and wonder of mythical realms.

  • Third Friday: Ragnarok & Roll! Get ready to don your horned helmet and wield your battle-axe as we dive into the world of the Vikings. Costumes must adhere to the Viking theme.

Costume Contest Categories

Our esteemed panel of guest judges will be looking at every stitch and accessory for our four contest categories:

  • Best Duo/Group: For the coordinated teams that prove synergy can create incredible results. Please note, groups are limited to a maximum of four people.

  • Most Original/Creative: For innovative individuals who think outside the box and bring a truly unique vision to life.

  • Judge’s Choice: The judge’s personal favorite, this award could go to anyone for any reason – so make sure to impress!

  • Cast/Crew: Exclusive for our talented behind-the-scenes team, the winner will receive a special WMRF 2023 commemorative tankard.

The winners of the first three categories will each be awarded a coveted camping pass for the 2024 Season!

Contest Rules

To keep things fair and fun, we have a few rules in place:

  1. Age Limit: Contestants must be 21 years or older to participate.
  2. Group Limit: Each group participating in the “Best Duo/Group” category is limited to four people.
  3. Thematic Coherence: Costumes must correspond to the theme of the weekend to be eligible for entry.

Only the first 40 entrants will be accepted, so be sure to arrive early! Let your imagination run wild and show us your interpretation of each theme. We can’t wait to see what creativity you all bring this Season!

Prepare your costumes, flex your creativity, and let’s make some unforgettable memories at the WMRF Costume Contest Contest!

1st Weekend Theme: Brass Screws & Pirate Crews

Imagine a world where steampunk invention meets swashbuckling bravado on the high seas. Show off your inventive gadgets and bold outfits, and prepare to embark on an adventure as these two fantastical worlds collide in Merriwick. Whether you’re an inventor, a scallywag, or simply a lover of imagination and innovation, get ready for an unforgettable, time-traveling escapade brimming with creativity, wonder, and thrilling surprises!

2nd Weekend Theme: A Magical Midsummer’s Fantasy

This magical-themed weekend is a tribute to creatures and beings of all kinds, from the tales of old to the imaginations of the young. Whether you choose to adorn yourself with fairy wings, sport a unicorn horn, or channel your favorite fantasy character, your attire is only bound by the limits of your creativity. As the veil between reality and the supernatural thins, we invite you to step into a world where mythical beasts and beings abound.

3rd Weekend Theme: Ragnarok & Roll!

Prepare to see a motley of fierce Vikings and other robust Barbarians roaming throughout the bar on Friday night. Dress in your best leathers and furs, embrace the battle cry with your face paint, and don those epic braids to unleash your inner Viking or Valkyrie. The wild abandon of the invaders is irresistible and your inventive attire could lead to exciting prizes! So, let the wild abandon of the invaders inspire you, as it’s sure to pull all into their boisterous mirth.