This year, we’re adding something fun to our Friday night parties in Merriwick – a COSTUME CONTEST! All Friday parties are held at the Hammered Troll (21 + Only) from 7pm until 12 midnight. Each Friday has a specific theme to get dressed up for. If you want to enter the contest, there is a short entry form you will fill out when you arrive. The contest starts at 9pm and will go for 30 minutes. There will be 3 prizes given for each contest! Prize money can be used at any Merchant who takes a card!

1st Place Prize: $100

2nd Place Prize: $50

3rd Place Prize: $25

1st Weekend Theme: Masquerade Party

Queen Elizabeth invites all sailors, rogues, raiders, and privateers to join in on one of her favorite events: the Masquerade Party (held Friday evening in the Hammered Troll 21+) with karaoke, face-painting, & costume contest, with a weekend to celebrate mystery, romance, beautiful & creative masks, and merriment.

2nd Weekend Theme: Disney

Dress up as your favorite fairytale character or don your best whimsical attire and get ready for a weekend of wonder & fun! Friday themed party is Disney with karaoke, face-painting,  & costume contest at the Hammered Troll

3rd Weekend Theme: Marvel vs. DC

Join us for the merriest costume party – in ANY timeline… and Queen Bess knows how to throw a party! Friday themed party is Marvel vs. DC and will have a costume contest, face-painting, & karaoke at the Hammered Troll.