Venture into the Realm of Skilled Artisans at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire


Celtic Moonlighting


Designs by Kate

Eclectics Creations

Damsel in this Dress

Gold River Costumes

Talismana Designs

Off Kilter Kilts

Wolf Den Emporium

Firefox Fashions

Pottery & Drinkware

As Wood As It Gets

Holly Ann Artworks

Gaean Allusions Pottery

The Clay Goddess


Mcgilly Sassparilly

Daybreak Crepes, Coffee & Gyros

Hen House/Smoke House Turkey Legs & Meat

Oscar’s Meat Pie Shack

The Hungry Hog

Wet Thy Whistle

The Pickle Peddlers

The Pixie Traveling Medicine Show

My Newt Mini Donuts & Shave Ice

Pizza Garlic Fries, The Eggroll People

Pixie Pop Kettlecorn & Lemonade

Blissful Wunders Chocolates

King James - Corn Dogs of the World

Services & Activities

Roving Horse Henna

Present Path & Phoenixx Factor

Castle Games


Five Stranded Fairy Tails, Hair Braiding, & Massage

The Game Matrix

Boffer Arena, Axe Throw, & Trebuchet

Enchanted Huts

Seven Meadows Archery

Warrior of the Steppes - Archery Range

MUSEUM HORRIFICA - Gallery of the Unnatural

Ovis Capillis

Flying Skwirl

My Faerietale

The Spork Witch

WhiteFox Hats

The Kesh Music Shoppe

Stonebreakers Keep

Art - Collectibles - Accessories

B Coole Designs

Fairy Dust Creations

Diaz Art Glass

Talon & Claw

Myst Forest Creatures

Dragon Hearth Studio

Cottage Witchcraft Creations


Quinn and Bloom

Waxing Moon Enchantments

Herb Leonhard Art/Prancing Pony Gifts

Titania’s Wardrobe

Fairy Bliss Workshop

Lulu Deux Millinery

Body Care & Scents

Goat Goddess Soap Co.

Wood, Willow & Whatknots


Mad Zanni Masks

Dark Age Leathers

Tandy Leather

Silverthorne Leatherworks

Archer Inventive

Metalworks, ARMOR & WEAPONS

Caitlins Cutlery

Occams Edge

Age Of Chivalry

Sinister Metalworks

Kempf Forge: Bladesmith & Blacksmith


Real Rose Jewelry by Fleur du Jour

Mythica Metalworks

Crown Fellowship

Redwolf Ltd

My Bella Luna

The Crown Jewels by Magda

D & D ChainMaille Creations