Venture into the Realm of Skilled Artisans at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire


Celtic Moonlighting

Damsel in this Dress

Designs by Kate

Eye Scry Designs

Fairy Dust Creations

Cloaked in Time

Gold River Costumes

Past and Peasant

Regal Peacock



Firefox Fashions


As Wood As It Gets

Clay Goddess

Reannag Teine

Her Majesty's Favours


British Bites

Daybreak Crepes, Coffee & Gyros

Hen House/Smoke House Turkey Legs & Meat

Heritage Meat Pies

Bearing Fruit

King James

Wet Thy Whistle

The Pickle Peddlers

Sir Benjamin & Sir Gerald Eye Scream (Ben & Jerry's)

My Newt Mini Donuts & Shave Ice

Pizza Garlic Fries, The Eggroll People

The Poppin' Pirate

Spice Traders Teas

Ye Old Kettle Corn Stand

Blissful Wunders Chocolates

Games & Activities

A Living Canvas

Adorn Thy Hair

Castle Games

Faire Massage

Giant Rocking Horses

Horse ' n Round

Cleric Games

Enchanted Huts

Ye Old Massage Boothe. Adorn Thy Hair - Hair Braiding, Castle Games

Boffer Arena, Axe Throw, & Trebuchet

Roving Horse Henna

Seven Meadows Archery

Mobil Rock Climbing Wall

MUSEUM HORRIFICA - Gallery of the Unnatural

Present Path Tarot

Irish Wolfhounds

Fifth Element Guidance

Sher-Lea's Candles

Talismana Designs

WhiteFox Hats

Myst Forest

Herb Leonhard Art/Prancing Pony Gifts

Where the Gods Live

Forgotten Times Crafts

Illustrated Stone

Hall Crystal Flutes/Art by Trisha Hall

Wood, Willow & Whatknots

Geode Goddess


B Coole Designs

Dragonz by Zana

Accessories of Fae

Fairy Bliss

Fantasy Art by Amy Brown

Hurricane Hair Wraps

World Umbrellas and Fans

Waxing Moon Enchantment

Quinn and Bloom

Sages Woolenglass/ Sages Body Care


Treasures of the Cairn

Wasson’s Whimziez

Fairy Dust Creations

Diaz Art Glass

Fleur du Jour

Divine Valkyrie


Crown Fellowship

D & D Chain Maille Creations

Magda - Jewelry and Hair Accessories

Odyssey Craftworks


Flying Skwirl

Kiowa Rose


Mad Zanni Masks

FaceOdd Wearable Art Masks

Dark Age Leathers

Mischief Masks

Ravenswood Leather

Tandy Leather

Wylde Phoenix Leather


Age of Chivalry

Brunetta Blacksmithing

Caitlins Cutlery

Pendragon Chainmail

Two Geminis Mint

Turner Forge


Sinister Metalworks

The Hanseatic League

Kempf Forge: Bladesmith & Blacksmith