Schedule of Performances

Auld Lyon Theatre

       10:15 AM Stand Up Tragedy
11:00 AM Baksana
11:30 AM Clergy of Errors
12:00 PM The Tortuga Twins
1:00 PM The Bear-Witch Project
2:00 PM The Tortuga Twins
3:00 PM Les Bouffons des Battes
4:00 PM The Tortuga Twins
5:00 PM The Bear-Witch Project
6:00 PM The Tortuga Twins

The Village Square

10:15 AM Robin Hood and Maid Marian Present!
11:00 AM Broon
12:00 PM Robin Hood and Maid Marian Present!
12:45 PM Broon
1:45 PM Robin Hood and Maid Marian Present!
2:30 PM BOWI
3:00 PM Heavy Hammer (August 10th Only)
3:30 PM Broon
4:30 PM Clergy of Errors
5:00 PM Broon
6:00 PM Fakespeare

The Washing Well

11:00 PM Fakespeare
12:00 PM Washing Well Wenches
1:00 PM Fakespeare
2:00 PM Washing Well Wenches
3:00 PM Hawke The Bedlam Bard
4:00 PM Washing Well Wenches
5:00 PM Tatiana and Misha
6:00 PM Washing Well Wenches

Zamperla Tournament Arena

12:00 PM Her Majesty’s Joust and Tournament
1:00 PM Privateer Battle Chess with B.O.O.M.
3:00 PM Goode’s Company of Pike and Foote
5:00 PM Her Majesty’s Joust and Tournament

Wyldewood Fae Glade

12:00 PM Storytime with Wotan the Faeriesmasher
4:00 PM Fairy Hunt with Wotan the Faeriesmasher

Mermaid’s Grotto

(Mermaid Showtimes)

10:30 AM
12:00 PM
2:30 PM
4:00 PM
5:30 PM

Evening Entertainment

Friday, 8/2 Superheroes vs. Supervillians Party (Hammered Troll, 7pm-12am)
Saturday, 8/3 The Whiskeydicks (Hammered Troll – 8pm)
Saturday, 8/3 Family Movie (Food Court – 8pm) – A Knight’s Tale
Friday, 8/9 Vikings in Valhalla Party (Hammered Troll, 7pm-12am)
Saturday, 8/10 Heavy Hammer (Hammered Troll – 7pm)
Saturday, 8/10 Vidor’s Vixxens (Hammered Troll – 8pm-10pm)
Saturday, 8/10 Family Movie (Food Court – 8pm) – The Labirynth
Friday, 8/16 Monster Mash Party (Hammered Troll, 7pm-12am)
Saturday, 8/17 Fire and Combat (8pm – Arena/Red Dragon Inn)

***Evening Entertainment is FREE for Camping Patrons. Otherwise, it’s $12 at the Door.***

Siren’s Cove

12:30 PM Dangerous Curves
1:00 PM Les Bouffons des Battes
2:00 PM The Seadogs
2:30 PM Clergy of Errors
3:00 PM Robin’s Risque Revels
4:00 PM Dangerous Curves
5:30 PM Dangerous Curves

The Ember Rose

10:15 AM Tatiana and Misha
11:00 AM Manis O’Tool
1:00 PM Baksana
2:00 PM Tatiana and Misha
3:00 PM Fakespeare
4:00 PM Manis O’Tool
6:00 PM Manis O’Tool

Oakwood Puppet Pavilion

11:00 AM Storytime with Wytchwood Players
12:00 PM Piccolo Puppet Players
1:00 PM Storytime with Wytchwood Players
2:00 PM Piccolo Puppet Players
3:00 PM Storytime with Wytchwood Players
4:00 PM Piccolo Puppet Players
5:00 PM Storytime with Wytchwood Players

Hammered Troll

10:15 AM Hawke The Bedlam Bard
11:00 AM BOWI
11:30 AM Master Payne’s Magykes (Weekends 2 & 3)
12:00 PM The Seadogs
1:00 PM Hawke The Bedlam Bard
1:30 PM Master Payne’s Magykes (Weekends 2 & 3)
2:00 PM Dangerous Curves
3:00 PM Baksana
4:00 PM Pub Raid with B.O.O.M.
5:00 PM The Seadogs
5:30 PM BOWI
6:00 PM Pub Sing

Salle Saint-George

11:00 AM Fencing Demonstration
4:00 PM Fencing Demonstration

The Queen’s Pavilion

2:00 PM Knighting Ceremony

Towne Center

10:00 AM Pirate Dancing
11:00 PM Maypole Dancing

Hangman’s Acre

10:15 AM Wytchwood Players
10:30 AM Maypole Dancing
11:30 AM Dangerous Curves
4:00 PM Wytchwood Players
6:00 AM Wytchwood Players

***NEW*** Pub Crawl

1:30 PM Meet at the Hammered Troll at 1:15, pub crawl from 1:30PM – 3:00PM